Feb 11, 2010

It Only Takes One Arm To Shoot a Man

Dear Jenny, 

My friend, housewife, live-in guru, bodyguard, badass wingman, shit kicking hilarious i-can-count-on-you roomie...I missed you. It's too bad I got in so late. The empty champagne bottle on the kitchen table was the perfect welcome home gift for when I stumbled in from a 5 hour layover in Houston.

It started with the best movie of all time, Roadhouse. Now, we're savin up all our change for a "Dirty 30" birthday bash while watching every worthwhile western under the sun. Before I left for Central America, we knocked off The G,B and Ugly, Unforgiven, The Lonesome Dove series, Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and ok we slipped in a couple of others like Easy Rider. I can't even think of them all. Perfect. 

When I saw this cowboy on the wall of an orphange in Sampango, Guatemala, I thought of you. None of the kids would admit to tearing this cowboy's arm off. Maybe it was an act of God. Regardless, it reminded me, "it only takes one arm to shoot a man." 

So good to be home. xo, Miriam


  1. The best part is that we are JUST getting started!!
    If I had a dime for every time I've said "It should be illegal to have this much fun", my "Dirty 30" jar would be over flowin'... I think it is...I have everyday present moments to be thankful for, and yet I can't help thinking of all the fun we have in store for each other...you haven't even been to my boathouse yet...paradise...so glad you got the letter when u needed it and so looking forward to many more...dam we're lucky...the Double Do0000oosh...love you dog...

  2. even with one hand tied behind my back, i'll burn the house down.