May 31, 2010

Pure Michigan

Daniel and me on the St. Joseph river. 

We were late getting to the river because Allegan's Salvation Army was having a sale that I could see from the road. I have professional vision. My brother fought me, but walked out happy scoring that sweet fleece lined flannel. As usual, I was loafing around taking pictures, fetching tackle and walking spritzer refills out to my brother. I got down real low to get the water reflecting up under Dan's bill and ice water snuck up into the backside of my waders. Now it's a party.

May 29, 2010


Corrine looks over a waterfall on the Arkansas river, one of many pit stops during on a trip across America with a map and no plans. She hit all the skate parks and I shot panF50 all day long. Pictures were everywhere then.


My Dad has been taking his kids fishing for 34 years. What love. Ruthie is about 3 here. Maybe this is in Wichita, could be West Virginia. Either way, looks like home.

Happy in the evening sun. Ruthie was an only child before she became the eldest of five. Wild.

May 28, 2010

The Roaster Room

Mark's first roaster and shipment of green beans. He always smells like coffee. The first Waterstreet Coffee Joint opened in 1992. Happy 18th anniversary! See you at the dunes tomorrow. Hope the bike makes it. I'm bringing my toolkit in case I break down and someone else needs to use it.

I believe you

Jesse's bridal shower was at my place this past weekend. This is the first wedding I'll attend in my adult life that I have not worked in some way. I catered them in college to pay for classes and soon after I took a photography elective, I began shooting them professionally. I'm enjoying being a part of something and not on the periphery. I have no excuse to be here, I'm invited.

Jessica asked everyone to share a memory of she reads mine.

May 27, 2010

C side - Salom

Rasheed, an orphan, listens back to his voice after singing
a Muslim hymn. This was recorded on a PCM D50 .wav file recorder.

Lucknow, India. 

May 20, 2010

I guess that settles it

I'm sure life is about more than doing everything you ever wanted, but I'm not sure what.