Jun 30, 2010

The Greatest of Ease

I may have been having a little too much fun with a lighting test in my hotel room on assignment in Detroit this past weekend. The pocket wizards were glitchy at my job the weekend before so I wanted to triple check my set up. Since these shots were self-timed, it took several tries to center myself just right.  

Overshot this one juuuust a titch. 

I don't get T.V. stations at home so I dig that part of staying in a hotel. Also a big fan of the hotel bed body slam. I think here I'm pretending that I just won the battle for the remote and I'm kind of being smug about it. Needless to say the shoot went splendidly the next day and my set-up was flawless. Fun and professional. Perfect. 

Jun 24, 2010

Working Class

You meet the nicest people on the side of the road. 

Dad's Garden

Daniel cut his pinky good on a broken wine glass reaching into the sink to clean up. Several stitches later Dad puts a homemade combination of herbs over his laceration to leach toxins, minimize possible infection and catalyze healing. Laughter does a heart good like medicine but the next best thing is something crushed by my Dad's hands. 

Main Entry: 1poul·tice 
Pronunciation: \ˈpōl-təs\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English pultes, from Medieval Latin, literally, pap, from Latin, plural of pult-, puls porridge
Date: 15th century
: a soft usually heated and sometimes medicated mass spread on cloth and applied to sores or other lesions

Jun 23, 2010

Little America

Josh smokes at the bottom of the steps 
while the family fishes on a pond off the side of the road. Olney, Ill., USA

I'm going to miss Grandpa's 80th birthday party but I'll be in his hometown, later on in the summer shooting public pools and all other things Little America. County fairs, riding to the grocery store on a lawn mower, smashing pennies on the railroad tracks, poking each other with sharp sticks and shopping at a yard side vegetable stand where there is a ball jar trustily stuffed with one dollar bills sitting next to the ears of corn. It reads "3 Dollars a bunch"

Jun 22, 2010

Best of both worlds

On the job last weekend. 

Thanks to the brother of the groom who shot this photo (www.bmillerweddings.com
And thank you Canon for the 50mm 1.4. Great shot, Brian.

My first wedding as a guest since high school!
Thank you Jessica.
And thank you Canon for the 85mm 1.2.

Jun 18, 2010

What makes you happy...

What do you get when you throw a tiny fortune at all the things that make you happy; your family, the love of your life, your best friends, expensive salads, music, beautiful clothes, a tower of donuts and tons of booze? A Wedding! Here’s to redefining what marriage means to us and our audacity to carve a path into a successful future with the person we love. Long live love and long live forgiveness when it gets lost along the way.

Signature Cocktail...Champagne....Perfect!

Gram and Gramp

What is she wearing? Do you see that...right next to Uncle Carl in the '80's gettup. 

Ahhh...summa time.

Dude....Donuts and Ice Cream? Seriously!

Video Games!

The beloved Photo Booth and your token friend who's bonified through Universal Life Church to hitch you and all your hommies. Do it your way. 

Jun 10, 2010

First Long Ride

First time riding in group formation which was cool...keeping things smooth without words. First time pulling off specifically to joke about my left blinker being on for the last 7 miles. First time riding into the country at sunset and riding back into the city at night. Speechless. And, it was my first time feeling like I made the right choice with this bike no matter how much trouble it has given me. It really does wanna run. Thanks for the stretch.

You're Welcome

Bachelorette shrapnel from the morning after.....

My poor friend Jesse, visiting from Guatemala was stuck waiting at a sorry Dunken Donuts on Sunday until I could scrape myself out of bed to call and mumble my address to him. He then let himself and all his luggage into my 3rd floor walk-up and found me in bed, fully dressed able only to motion for a pen in which I was miraculously able to scribble this.
This was humiliating, hilarious and adorable (in that order), for me to read in the resurrection phase of the day, when he held up this archive and asked if he could keep it. What a good friend! 

Jun 9, 2010

I like to think it

I saw this poster in someone’s garage and read the whole thing. I dig the angular motifs on this poster that emulate wings. Motorcycles and wings as if to say you are rooted to the earth, two wheels to the pavement, but still you soar, boundary-less.

I like a thing created out of limited resources like a slingshot v.s. Avatar in 3D. I’m fantasizing that me liking this eagle wing motif and me liking things like slingshots are connected. Maybe the loom used to create the wing motif I love so much is limited. Maybe you can't weave in a circle, or couldn't then. Maybe freedom is not about having endless choices but an individual choice to make something beautiful with the tools and limitations you have.

Besides all this, are all things Native American in-style right now? 

Jun 8, 2010


I love sleepovers. They're the best. We have Wi-Fi and a french press and two chairs with brightly colored cushions that sit on our back porch over looking the river. It's great in the morning rain or shine......to wake up up with friends.

Jun 3, 2010


Rerooted from Rotary International on Vimeo.

Justin and I just finished the above project that our team covered in Central America this spring. I learned a lot from him as an editor. Mostly when to be directive and when to just let go. For the last three years, I've either photographed Justin on stage, watched his comedy shows or adjusted his collar to cover his tie at our 9-5. Quite the journey getting to know you. He told me today that sometimes he stands in awe of all the talented people he has the privilege to hang around and I relate to his gratitude. Thanks for everything Justin.The fact that I get to see your in a suit and tie everyday, makes me feel like it’s ok. Rock n' Roll.

Justin (video editor), Night and Day

Miriam, field producing, in the office.

Go Team.