Jun 23, 2010

Little America

Josh smokes at the bottom of the steps 
while the family fishes on a pond off the side of the road. Olney, Ill., USA

I'm going to miss Grandpa's 80th birthday party but I'll be in his hometown, later on in the summer shooting public pools and all other things Little America. County fairs, riding to the grocery store on a lawn mower, smashing pennies on the railroad tracks, poking each other with sharp sticks and shopping at a yard side vegetable stand where there is a ball jar trustily stuffed with one dollar bills sitting next to the ears of corn. It reads "3 Dollars a bunch"


  1. AnonymousJuly 28, 2010

    85th lil' darlin' 85th

  2. right. labor day weekend. ruth's in from SF. i'll check with aunt bug.