Jun 10, 2010

You're Welcome

Bachelorette shrapnel from the morning after.....

My poor friend Jesse, visiting from Guatemala was stuck waiting at a sorry Dunken Donuts on Sunday until I could scrape myself out of bed to call and mumble my address to him. He then let himself and all his luggage into my 3rd floor walk-up and found me in bed, fully dressed able only to motion for a pen in which I was miraculously able to scribble this.
This was humiliating, hilarious and adorable (in that order), for me to read in the resurrection phase of the day, when he held up this archive and asked if he could keep it. What a good friend! 


  1. Jessie GoldsmithJune 10, 2010

    hopefully the hangover was worth the time we spent getting to that point. At least you woke up to such an amazing man friend as Jesse to come to your aid, and decipher that chicken scratch message. I am so glad I got to meet him. Thanks for coming over last night. I had a blast.

  2. absolutely my friend. now, for your wedding. out with the trash and in with the class. thank god we have this relic to look back and laugh at.

  3. My pleash and then some. To my namesake up above, so great to meet you. Have an incredible wedding. Looking forward to the picture.

    To you, Mir, my kindred sister of the jungle, thank you for playing hostess. Sorry if I don't tell you if I'm hungry or not and try to go too much with the flow.

    And about my keepsake, it'll be the first wall decoration in my apartment. So thanks.