Jun 9, 2010

I like to think it

I saw this poster in someone’s garage and read the whole thing. I dig the angular motifs on this poster that emulate wings. Motorcycles and wings as if to say you are rooted to the earth, two wheels to the pavement, but still you soar, boundary-less.

I like a thing created out of limited resources like a slingshot v.s. Avatar in 3D. I’m fantasizing that me liking this eagle wing motif and me liking things like slingshots are connected. Maybe the loom used to create the wing motif I love so much is limited. Maybe you can't weave in a circle, or couldn't then. Maybe freedom is not about having endless choices but an individual choice to make something beautiful with the tools and limitations you have.

Besides all this, are all things Native American in-style right now? 


  1. I love those rings. The big one and the little one. So pretty.

  2. Freedom baby, FREEDOM!! You would wear that like Madonna wears her cone bras.. it's not what you thought you'd like but you really actually love it.

  3. yeah....i think so too. the part about not what you thought you'd love but what you actually love. thank god we don't know all htis stuff up front. that would would be boooooring.