Jun 18, 2010

What makes you happy...

What do you get when you throw a tiny fortune at all the things that make you happy; your family, the love of your life, your best friends, expensive salads, music, beautiful clothes, a tower of donuts and tons of booze? A Wedding! Here’s to redefining what marriage means to us and our audacity to carve a path into a successful future with the person we love. Long live love and long live forgiveness when it gets lost along the way.

Signature Cocktail...Champagne....Perfect!

Gram and Gramp

What is she wearing? Do you see that...right next to Uncle Carl in the '80's gettup. 

Ahhh...summa time.

Dude....Donuts and Ice Cream? Seriously!

Video Games!

The beloved Photo Booth and your token friend who's bonified through Universal Life Church to hitch you and all your hommies. Do it your way. 


  1. Whoa, the Bristle got a makeover. So many of these photos have Doan stamped all over them. I don't even think your tag is necessary. The happy couple was lucky to have you.

  2. Yes. A real dynamo behind the camera. While I love looking at OUR wedding photos, I love looking at these too. Which says a lot about the provoking your artistry does darling. Love.

  3. AnonymousJune 22, 2010

    MOG thinks you did a great job! You were hand picked by the pickiest!

  4. hmmmm....usually I'm really good at these. MOG...mother of the groom? Man of God? My other girlfriend? Regardless...thank you so much! Can't wait to share the rest. Almost done!!