Aug 29, 2009

fightin' and you-know-whatin'

[Birgunj, Nepal]

These two goats went back and forth between my two favorite activities on the planet the entire time I was interviewing a family on a photo assignment. One minute they were fighting and the next minute they were you-know-whatin'. It was distracting. I suppose it's always distracting when something you'd rather be doing is right next to something you're suppose to be doing. If I know anything about goats, they're still doing this dance right now.

Aug 21, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

How do you do what you really want without hurting anyone? My mother used to be a wild one. Spent a lot of time in Mexico. Spent some time on the road. She never spent time behind bars but she spent a lot of time alone.
From my Mother: The longest cross-country trip I ever took, I took alone, sleeping bag strapped to the back of my bike. That was the same trip I met the “Manson” family. I was on my way back. This time hitch-hiking, by myself. I’d slept under a bridge right outside Santa Fe. First thing in the morning, a man and his wife picked me up. They had like five kids. They asked me if I would stay in their home with their kids while they went to a wedding in Missouri. They had a bulletin board in their kitchen with all the clippings of the Manson trials. One of the children I stayed with was that baby that dissapeared. This family had lived in the Manson commune and been a part of that family. When I asked the children what Charles was like they said that he was a wonderful, loving man and that there was no way he had done what he had allegedly done. I loved those kids. Even the youngest who was 6 had taken LSD. When the mom and dad finally came home, the little boy asked me if I would take him with me when I left. I told him I would and the mom and dad even agreed to it. But, the night before we left, the dad came on to me hard and I refused him. The dad got mad and decided not to let him leave with me. So many “Doors of Perception” opened that would have been better left untouched. I love you. Mom

Aug 19, 2009

Sand's Auto Salvage

14 years in Michigan and I'd never been to the U.P. before this weekend. On my way to Little Presque Isle to shoot a wedding, I snooped a bit as usual.

[Upper Pennisula]

[Sand’s Auto Salvage]

G: “Something I can help you with?.”

M: “Would I be bothering you if I take some pictures?.”

G: “I don’t know why you’d want pictures of a bunch of junk.”

M: “You fix cars. I take pictures.”

G: “I'm filthy.”

M: “Doesn’t bother me.”

G: “Come on in.”

[Heating up the torch]
[repairing a ball joint]

Gary recently returned to the U.P. after 15 years working down state as a carpenter. He came back when his Mom got sick. She owns a trailer park and 450 acres of land across the street from the salvage yard. Today, they’re working on the front end of an over-the-top mammoth Harley Davidson edition F250. They debated if they should replace other stuff since they have the whole thing opened up. The owner of the shop argues that it doesn't matter. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Aug 13, 2009

Only Drink When You're All Alone or With Somebody Else

[Raulph at Lorraine's Birthday Party]

Raulph was hell bent on drinking himself to death. He was unapologetically in love with booze and had no plans for being saved by a woman, a friend, or a cover to cover perfect album. I guess if life hadn't taken me by surprise I wouldn't have agreed to it either but Raulph promised it was only a matter of time. He was giving life the finger, a giant over-and-out. He recommended not giving two shits about him. It was sort of amazing. I still think about him from time to time. Last seen: Beachwood Tap.

Good Things Come to Those That Wait!

Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Aug 9, 2009

God less Us All

I moved to Chicago almost 5 years ago. Two months after I unpacked, I left my boyfriend in a pile of cocaine and moved to Humbolt Park. Atreyu, Artax, swamp of sadness....anyway...The only thing about Humbolt Park that lasted for me, were the friends I made at the Clipper. I worked Saturday nights as a cocktail waitress and made enough money to start over.
[Me and Fletch]

This past Friday I picked up a shift for old times sake and it brought back everything good about that time. After our shift, instead of passing Stella, (the resident guitar), across the bar, we turned on the p.a. and took the stage.
[Robert and Urban Cowboy, after hours]

Ben says a good band starts with a good name. So here it is, my first band and it's first name: "God less Us All." Thanks boys. You have such great timing. xoxo M

Aug 6, 2009

Christmas in Wichita

This is my aunt Robin who's phone conversations with my mother inevitable end in tears. One year, we spent Christmas in Wichita where she lived with my Grandpa Kuhn. My Grandpa built his own banana yellow airplane and then crashed it leaving him paraplegic. It was hard for him to get around to do things like buy Christmas presents, so, he put Aunt Robin up to it. She bought gifts for everyone and then sold them right out of the trunk for dope money. She told everyone they got stolen but no one believed her. Her boyfriend had a motorcycle and I thought that was cool so I didn't care.

Aug 4, 2009

I heart Michigan

Marshall, Michigan. Home is where that thing is inside your ribcage that has a kick ass tattoo on it.
This awesome mother effer was the best man at the wedding I shot in Marshall this weekend.

Kinda cute how he kinda didn't know if we should be doing this. Yes, Michigan. Great lakes, Great times.