Aug 21, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

How do you do what you really want without hurting anyone? My mother used to be a wild one. Spent a lot of time in Mexico. Spent some time on the road. She never spent time behind bars but she spent a lot of time alone.
From my Mother: The longest cross-country trip I ever took, I took alone, sleeping bag strapped to the back of my bike. That was the same trip I met the “Manson” family. I was on my way back. This time hitch-hiking, by myself. I’d slept under a bridge right outside Santa Fe. First thing in the morning, a man and his wife picked me up. They had like five kids. They asked me if I would stay in their home with their kids while they went to a wedding in Missouri. They had a bulletin board in their kitchen with all the clippings of the Manson trials. One of the children I stayed with was that baby that dissapeared. This family had lived in the Manson commune and been a part of that family. When I asked the children what Charles was like they said that he was a wonderful, loving man and that there was no way he had done what he had allegedly done. I loved those kids. Even the youngest who was 6 had taken LSD. When the mom and dad finally came home, the little boy asked me if I would take him with me when I left. I told him I would and the mom and dad even agreed to it. But, the night before we left, the dad came on to me hard and I refused him. The dad got mad and decided not to let him leave with me. So many “Doors of Perception” opened that would have been better left untouched. I love you. Mom


  1. Thank you for asking the question. If you figure it out, let me know.

  2. We can't stop wanting more out of life and we can't quit love. Thinking about this reminds me of trying to get in my two front doors.