Aug 13, 2009

Only Drink When You're All Alone or With Somebody Else

[Raulph at Lorraine's Birthday Party]

Raulph was hell bent on drinking himself to death. He was unapologetically in love with booze and had no plans for being saved by a woman, a friend, or a cover to cover perfect album. I guess if life hadn't taken me by surprise I wouldn't have agreed to it either but Raulph promised it was only a matter of time. He was giving life the finger, a giant over-and-out. He recommended not giving two shits about him. It was sort of amazing. I still think about him from time to time. Last seen: Beachwood Tap.


  1. At the core of my teen angst was this argument against the choice that was made for me, ie, made my mom and dad, to make me and all those rules and consequences.

    What you say about "if life hadn't taken me by surprise, I might not have agreed to it either" makes so much sense to me. Now I'm so hungry for the day, it makes it hard to accept the decision that Raulf has made. I hope that for some reason he changes his mind. That ontological fuck you won't smart as hard under all that dirt.

    Now I feel like I'm talking about Raulf behind his back; I hope that I am! His for real back.

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