May 20, 2010

I guess that settles it

I'm sure life is about more than doing everything you ever wanted, but I'm not sure what.


  1. omg, learn to speak european, grow facial hair, and abercrombie and flitch, haha amazing, i wonder if spain- spanish counts as european? i'm almost cool!

  2. I EXXXXtremely think it counts as long as you do it while you're eating meat.... wearing a helmet of course.

  3. Alright, you've got the majority covered. I read the 2nd e-mail you sent me first, and was quite confused. But by the end, I realize that you're ok. Even lacking of facial hair and a scarce quantity of online friends, Steve really bumps you up into another category. Duden epitomizes cool. Miriam hangs out with Duden. Transitive property >>> Miriam epitomizes cool. Congrats!

  4. Hey I know Steve, and he IS super cool. This kid knows whats up. (head nod)

  5. this is fantastic and I borrowed it. You, fair lady are a gem.

  6. This person is seriously a genius or they're channeling Lynda Barry.
    How many helmets do I have to wear?

  7. AnonymousJune 20, 2010

    If Abercrombie and Fitch makes you cool, what does drawing the Abercrombie and Fitch logo on the back of a $5 Fruit Of The Loom T-Shirt with a black Sharpie and wearing it to the first day of school make you? Just one of Dan's classic high school moves. That was the year Toph and Daniel inspired the removal-by-vote of A & F from the coveted spot of "favorite place to shop" from the GULL yearbook's page of favorites, to be replaced by Good Will. That's gotta qualify in a bedroom community of doctors, lawyers and CEOs!!

  8. yeah and this guy forgot umlauts. umlauts in your name are definitely cool.

  9. everything in this blog is sheet!....list of cool things please...

  10. well said. to name a few...

    putting naked babies on a linoleum floor with dish soap all over it.

    giving a fuck
    anything that gets you filthy dirty
    sharing a cigarette
    shoes with no socks
    a straight shave
    penny loafers
    scotch neat
    sex in a big truck
    herring bone
    staying power
    1975 honda 360t's
    ice racing
    leaving your phone at home

    .....your turn

  11. ja ja ja knew you were going to answer very angry, my very last comment here: you are air- airhead dear, think a little bit please! don´t answer, never go to see this again, save it please.