Apr 24, 2010


This post is for you Air Guitar. Thank you for pouring your guts out on stage in front of thousands of screaming, whiskey drenched fans for the third mind blowing year in a row

I appreciate you for what is still precious about rock n’ roll; the way music makes us feel. USAG is a perfect narrative. A hero, villan, underdog, defender, legend, tragic fool, loyal friends, devotees and the men behind the curtain. It's all here. 

 (Left to right), 2008 World Champion Hot Lixx Huluhan, legend Bjorn Turoque and USAG's air traffic control, West Hays at The Varsity, 2010 Minneapolis regionals. This crew = whip smart and choke-on-your-own-spit funny. Former Minneapolis champion Airesol sits to West's right as an official judge,11 months pregnant. 
2010 Chicago Regionals
An air guitarist must believe in themselves enough to go this far, but also be in on the joke. Most veterans will tell any newbie to, most importantly, have fun and be a good sport. Then they'll tear apart your pick slide techniques. 

Lost Hearbreaker plays Chicago arena style.

 Zero Prospects serves Chicago. Lovely Creature.

(Left to right), USAG General Manager Nat Hays, Chicago regional judges Hot Lixx Huluhan and Zero Prospects (ranked 7th in the world). Nordic Thunder takes Chicago for the 3rd time after sitting out last year while he recovered from back surgery.

"Before the competition I was like 'gotta win, gotta win, gotta win,' but when I got to San Fransisco - just hanging out with everyone...it's like a giant family. Being a part of this is worth more than a title. You hear, 'Make Air Not War' and 'if you're holding an Air Guitar, you can't be holding a gun'....but, honestly, Air Guitar can save the world. If everyone acted the way we do towards each other, the world would be a better place. The competition is important. We take it seriously. But it is second hand to the friendship and bonds that are made." NT 2008

 Milwaukee contendors VanDamage, Romeo Dance Cheetah and Magic Cyclops.

 Bjorn Turoque, Minneapolis. 
 Mean Melin performed in three cities (that I saw) and came in just shy of qualifying for nationals. Help him get to Vegas?
 Hot Lixx Hulahan (center) does Freebird with the Lost Heartbreaker at the  2010 Minneapolis regional.

I have never seen such devotion between the audience and performer. It's a loving experience. Hey McNallica! Quit giving everyone else in Boston a chance and come back. You rock my socks off! Nationals? 

Regional competitions are really fun. It's like seeing 16 people play a home game. But nationals are a whole 'nother beast. Regional champs go up against the best in the nation at a chance to represent the United States at the World Championship in Finland.

 Dan Crane, (Bjorn Turoque) at the Sir Frances Drake hotel in San Fransisco. 2008 Nationals. Fantastic portrait subject.

The founders of U.S. Air Guitar, Kriston Rucker (red wristband) and Cedric Devitt.

Preshow at the SFD in SF, Dan Crane (right) and Kriston Rucker. 

Denver Champion, Big Rig and Brooklyn Champion Betty B. Goode, now engaged to be married, interview before 2008 Nationals. 

Twin Brothers, Big Rig and Stryker. 


Thanks for putting on a fantastic show...again.
To all the regional champs, Good Luck at Nationals!! - Miriam


  1. You certainly have a way of capturing the awesomeness that IS Air Guitar. I don't know if you know this, but my living room has been dubbed the "Air Guitar Museum". And it's because of the photos that cover my walls. I'm stoked now that some who haven't seen your pictures before are able to see them now and fully appreciate what you've captured.

    got your NY tickets yet???

  2. Wow. Seriously awesome job at both 'getting it' and somehow even capturing it. Sorry for all the damaged equipment over the years...

  3. Ha! You know what...beer and whiskey and spit and sweat and diving, surfing, trust falling competitors....are all fine. The deal breakers are baby powder and powdered sugar. Who knew?

  4. Hello, love. It's me. The one who sometimes reads blogs and doesn't comment. But you know, I move forward inspired every time I bristle with you, cyber or flesh. I believe in you.

  5. Miriam, your guitarristas de aire, your ability to display them in a beautiful light, that inspiration carries all the way to Guatemala.

    As you know, we're on the verge of opening the new school. Maya Archeology, to me, sounded like a cool degree. FYI I'm beginning to second guess if perito en Guitarra de Aire might just supersede it.

    Thanks to you all for making the world that much more beautiful

  6. how many times can i look at these pictures and not feel what i feel? i guess just NEVER stop believen.