May 28, 2010

I believe you

Jesse's bridal shower was at my place this past weekend. This is the first wedding I'll attend in my adult life that I have not worked in some way. I catered them in college to pay for classes and soon after I took a photography elective, I began shooting them professionally. I'm enjoying being a part of something and not on the periphery. I have no excuse to be here, I'm invited.

Jessica asked everyone to share a memory of she reads mine.

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  1. My Bridal "Bath" hosted by Miriam and her roommate Jenny was the most amazing afternoon I'd had in a long time. My best gals from birth til now were there. We laughed we cried and everyone got a chance to meet and hang out before our big day comes. This was my one wish for my shower. Not to receive gifts or to be the star of the show. I wanted to honor the women in my life who have helped me get to where I am now. I wanted them to meet each other and better understand why I love them so much. Thank you ladies. Thank you Miriam, you are more than invited, I could not do this without you.