Nov 4, 2009

Autumn Under Water

I shot these at a street corner, where I waited for a friend, thinking about how much I m.f. love the midwest. A lot of my friends have moved to more temperate climates. They "can't do these winters anymore." It's worth it to me. Here, it does on the outside what I do on the inside. I like when leaves fall like tiny pieces of paper from a tall building or when I see someone scraping a ice off their windshield with a CD case. Sometimes it's so cold, it's rude but it makes spring sweeter. And, our trees. They change in that way I can't say because it's too good that you know what I mean and I don't have to. I'd miss it.


  1. A friend of mine moved to southern California from Chicago. Recently she told me a funny but critical story. Right before she was to move she met a couple who just moved back to Chicago from Malibu. As they walked away they said, "Enjoy the sunshine!", in a most sarcastic tone. It has been over a year in SoCal for my friend and she tells me daily how the sun is "driving her crazy". Go figure.

  2. Ditto. California has straight robbed me of my dearest friends. But now I can freebase sunshine any time I need it. I'm buying winter boots this year. 20 years in the upper mid west and I still have no lining in my shoes for Dec-March. This is the year.

  3. It's here now, the bone aching cold. I grin every time I walk out at the world sips the breath from my lungs before a chance to get my fill. It's like the slap that stings, and surprises, but ultimately amuses. To think that you fell for it again, somehow stepping unaware into the heavy expanse of a mid western winter night. Chuckle, and mutter, 'fuck me' to nothing in particular.