Dec 28, 2009

Boom Boom Boom = Merry Christmas!

We did gift exchange on Christmas Eve this year leaving Christmas day free for target shooting. We collected empty bottles, filled them with water and drove out to Jacob's auto shop out in Oshtemo township.

My younger brother John Daniel.

A 30-30 Marlin, the classic cowboy. A handsome rifle. This is my favorite of the lot. Easy to shoot and reload. I think the chamber took 10 bullets...a pretty good run if you feel like taking it.

I like this rifle because it's accurate. Dan advises to aim low.

Nails it.

Dan atomizes a Tide bottle full of water. The bottle was empty when we filled it with water, but we could smell the detergent from 30 yards back when he shot it.

The 410. Also a Marlin, I think. This rifle is nice. It's not the .30-30, but It doesn't knock me around like a 12 gauge would. The .22 even hurts. But, the 410's shells' spray quickly so it wasn't a good fit for me target shooting unless someone was throwing 12 water balloons in the air.

 "Every day, in some way, I think of you."

My hands are cold and, if I remember correctly, the break lever is sticking a bit here. 

I would have liked to have the 80-200 mm lens out here. Would've been nice to have some continuous shutter shots of different water bottles exploding to see how different ammunition effects the targets.

My brother loads a clip for a Tech 9 my Dad bought back in the mid-nineties when the senate passed a bill to make these illegal to own. The bill has since expired and they are completely legal, but not that fun to shoot. Most importantly, there is no way to tell where the bullets are going. It's hella expensive. You can go through a clip (I think this one held 35 9mm slugs) in less than 20 seconds. In fact, I'm a little ashamed to have shot this firearm after realizing there is only one reason someone has this thing other that to show off and that's to spray a moving target no matter how fast it's moving as long as it's pointed in it's general direction. I think you can take the pin out of this firearm to make it fully automatic, or you can bump fire which we did not try for fear of loosing a belt loop or a thumb. Better to do with a piece of wood or board as a brace.


Hope you got a chance to blow off some steam like we did! 


  1. Firing these types of weapons is theraputic to the core. Not because of some wreckless vigilante demeanor or attitude, it just feels good. Ultimate instant gratification. Load, aim, shoot, watch the mayhem of your bullet as it annhilates your target. Awesome. Not to forget, doing it alone wouldn't be as fun, the company makes it. Once we get these guns scoped out and dialed in, we'll be shoot an apple off your head at 150.

  2. I don't know of any ranges in the Chicago area. I'll look around.

  3. Get that left hand further down the forestock, girl!

  4. The very first time I hung out with Miriam was in the late 1990's, after work, just the two of us. We were talking in her sparsely furnished space on Park(?) Street in Kalamazoo. At some moment in the conversation, as we smoked and got acquainted, something I said caused her to turn to me, look me straight in the eye, and state flatly: "You don't know that I don't have a gun here." Point taken.