Mar 19, 2010

R & A -- Forever

I have taken many many pictures of Rachel and we've become friends.

I wear the slippers she knit me, play songs she's sung and eat jellies she's jammed. I like to sit back in awe of how strong and soft someone can be in one loving body. Last month she sent me the email below: 

"....On January 2nd, our second anniversary, I proposed to Adrian."  

"I shocked the hell out of him but I got a yes anyway.  Attached is the 
visual aid I labored over and used to get my wishes across...  While 
Mr. Perez responded in the affirmative, he was fairly speechless and 
so a week later, for good measure, he gave me a more clear and concise 
answer (also attached).  He made it while sitting in the parking lot 
of Joann Fabric's after getting the necessary supplies.  One of those 
images I'll forever treasure."

Congratulations R + A. Me love you long time.

Rachel does a Bismarke Cover in the living room "Just a Friend"


  1. you've been blogging for a year... I've got a lot of reading to do.

    warm fuzzy sweater lip gloss

  2. Don't forget Stella. You and Stella are practically sisters by now.

  3. Good grief that's romantic. I love love and love when you tell me about it. Blog it up, sistah.

  4. Oh Musing Me, you are so mysterious and delish. I wonder who you might be? I read your blog, the blogs you love, something to find a clue. No you. Fun.

  5. Thanks, Miriam. Honored.

  6. how totally sweet and adorable! love the visuals.