Aug 9, 2010


John and Miriam Jean Doan (my namesake)

Friday nights with Gram and Gramp Doan. Gramp's a big fan of the Three Stooges, Sherlock Homes, Bride of Frankenstein and Red Skelton. He loves westerns too. He tries to watch new school flicks but  gets bored and falls asleep. However, "John Wayne," he claims, "I can understand every word he's saying."

Uncle Slick and Aunt Toad 

I like the aluminum foil touch. Toady took her teeth out for this one thinking it would be funny but ended up feeling a little embarrassed about it. That's ok. I'm proud of you toothless farmers and oil field workers.... fathomless billows of love.


  1. Billows of love, indeed. How lucky and lovely to have such rich roots.