Jul 30, 2009

A Risk Worth Taking

[Nathan, Louie, Sweet Emily, Jim, Peter, Aaron O, Miles]

Do you remember when it took 6 months to shoot a whole roll of film? Just a couple photos of each thing that happened. Now we shoot everything, everywhere, all the time. We spent more time editing photos than we do enjoying the few precious ones we got.

Below are pictures from a "Nickelodeon" twin lense camera. With 36 exposures and 4 shots on each frame, you have to take 144 pictures to get through a roll. By nature of it taking so many pictures to complete a roll, and being forgetful that I have this weird camera, I get the same effect as the old days. You're even likely to get your mom, your ex-ex-boyfriend, your cousin rolling a blunt and decorating the Christmas tree to turn up all on one picture.
[Kindy and Tara, Lake Michigan]

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