Jul 24, 2009

Coming out of the Dark

I'm dreaming of a farm in Ojai.... Nothing much just a small house with lots of land to work for a garden, a camping ground to bed folks passing through, outdoor showers with hot water that drain over smooth tiny pebbles so your feet stay clean. I'll take good care of these folks passing through, record their stories and photograph them.
The way I'm figuring it, my chances for work even out. It may take me a few years to get established but you can shoot year round, so opportunities for contracts more than double. Maybe the impending feeling of doom won't crouch around so often with "ahhhh, another perfect day," being the first thing out of my mouth instead of "another sloppy pony tail. hope i can make it to supper on cigarettes and tic tacs."

Now that my ticker is on the mend, my imagination is running wild again. Stephanie.....I'm on my way.

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