Oct 21, 2009

Art and Science

First of all, sorry it's been so long. Also, my hair has gotten really long. It's expensive to maintain even with the "I have better things to do" roots look...which was according to my colorist sort of brazillian-super-model-vogue for a while so I was lucky, but it's phazing out. I have to get creative. Luckily, I shot a hair show for a fancy salon this weekend on trade. Whew. This shoot is loosely connected to Anne Reed. Shocker. Hopefully they'll let me give her a few of my cuts. Anne "the shit" Kellogg Reed has gotten me more work than anyone ever. Aside from shooting inside a closet, this job was good practice. There were 42 models lined up outside my closet and I had about 3 minutes with each one. Being quick and gentle is tough but I enjoyed it. "open your shoulders, softer in the eyes, think about the one person you really loved, look straight through me, more of that one thing you just did with your hands, i like that, that's nice, will you take your shirt off? it's warm in here, is that ok? that's better, cleaner, i think they'll like that."

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