Jan 15, 2010

Feather and Cap

My Dad's workshop. That tumbler in background is what my Dad calls "three fingers...," as in, how warm do I want my belly to get while I craft a series of custom feather sets for the hat I bought my brother for his birthday. 

I did feather sets for "every day," "traditional" and "an occasion." The "occasion" set (left) had a longer turkey feather tied in that was died purple. Using real feathers helped appearance and movement. When they are lifted by the wind, real materials just look more pimp.

I used feathers from an outdoor sports place for fly tying. Quail, duck, turkey, pheasant, goose and so on. Awesome shopping experience. Once they get taken out of their perfectly fanned pattern, they're tough to get back into a natural form....but worth it.

Fun fun fun til Daddy takes the polish vodka away....I have left overs if anyone wants to try this.


  1. Top-notch work here Miriam. Thanks for sharing this project. I think I will need a few sets myself for the Dirty Thirty.

  2. The one with the black, green, and burnt orange is fantastic. Really perfect. It's the feather set of the poacher in a piano bar.