Sep 1, 2010


 Joe and Sheila, ROCKERBOX, 2010.

After  laying down a borrowed bike into oncoming traffic, I hopped out of the ambulance and back on my bike to go to Milwaukee. No way I was going to let a pavement slide swim in my head while my friends were roasting in the sun looking at rat rods and drinking beer. Back on the horse. 

 Welders crafting found part trophies for ROCKERBOX, 2010

After a hot and windy ride home the air conditioning at Bernice's felt nice. And, Mike is a gem. Go see him.

Moto GP in Indy this past weekend. I liked the smaller races best. 

Melissa. You are so cool and pretty. 

Miriam, you are so tired.

Almost know the feeling....

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  1. Me thinks I'd like to have a tasty beverage at Bernice's. As usual, amazing photos and writing.