Sep 10, 2010

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow

Here's to a long-long weekend and grabbing whatever cottage was left on Lake Michigan to kick it Midwest style. This includes all things red arrow highway... garage sales, junk yards, beach days, roads that stretch for miles, Euchre, Deuces, long winded stories, too much booze and all other things you can smuggle in the bottom of your shoe. Most importantly, no real plan of how to spend the days.

This time, it was not the air pregnant bitch hound; hope. It was a money jar.

Postcards from the edge.

We only got one good beach day. It stormed so hard some nights the power went out and we had to play cards by candlelight. Just another adventure. But, it was nice to bask for one good, long day. My ankles got burnt. Musta missed a spot. 

Lunch Time....Bag o Chicken.

Miriam (photo by: Nathaniel Hays)

Tisha, my tanning coach and life long friend.

NYC Nathaniel Hays and Ruthie Baby.

Another cold and rainy day. Cabin Fever. John Henry (Almost 4), looks through stuff in my purse.

After I paint my nails 50's housewife pink, we decide to hit the moody coast to wade up to our ankles. We skip rocks, underestimate the surf and end up at a complete loss for words. 

The air was more than cool and the waves topped 14 feet that day. I rarely see the lake like this. I had to roll the sleeves on my favorite hoody 6 fat times to get it to fit Henry. None of us were quite prepared for the weather. But, the water was bath warm. Henry was ecstatic about the wind and the tide. I feel his wonder. (All photos of me by: Nathaniel Hays)

The clouds break.

Tish tells a true story. Miriam is happy.

Miriam (33) and Ruthie (35) - Sisters

Mark and Ruthie Baby - stone skipping contest.

 Nat's first time seeing Lake Michigan. Good form!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you......Michigan.


  1. So glad you ALL decided to go, and showed up for each other.

  2. You all look like you're home. There is such a specialness I can see and have had the pleasure of touching in my own way. Such nostalgia here for me.

    Also, I love your sweater. Sweet find.

  3. This is it. And by it, I mean a blog post. That moment when the waves break over your feet and you start to sink, just a bit. The best.

  4. Oh goodness, that last shot? Out of this world. Are you ready for fall colors now boo? So glad you're blogging. It makes the world better. No joke.

  5. wish I coulda come. Dang. Next time. xo

  6. nice shots. I miss the Warren Dunes in MI. We used to camp there every year.