Sep 25, 2009

Drink Till 12, Piss Till 2

My Grandpa holds a tiny carved wooden mailbox that sits outside John Daniel's Livery, one of many businesses named after his 13 grandchildren that make up a small miniature city inside his shop. Ruthie's Dance Studio, Yum Yum's Barber shop, Jeremy's Bait n' Tackle etc....My favorite piece in this city is the town carriage pulled by 8 cicada shells. Sometimes my grandpa is hard to understand because his dentures stumble around inside his mouth when he talks. This audio clip is a story he tells me and my Dad about one day in school where his teacher asks two kids to pick a word and make a sentence from a list written on the chalkboard. One kid is from a well-to-do family and one is from a poorer family. (1 min. 12 sec.)

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