Sep 1, 2009

India: Holy Places, Highways, Slums and Lime Sodas

What's drop-dead gorgeous and stinks like poop and pee? India. I have always had a fake-it-till-you-make-it policy but selling myself as an international producer takes the cake. This was my first assignment. I took more audio on this trip than I did photos but here are the few I got. This might be one of the kindest places on earth. And as expected, it revealed to me the still and quiet place we all wait to find inside ourselves. Oh, India - where even rich people don't have toilets and computers run on 9 car batteries strung together under the front desk.
[First night, couldn't check in with HQ. Internet too slow.]

[Buddhist monastery in Kushinigar. Bihar, India]

[Typical truck stop where you can get beans and hot tea. 114 degrees here.]

[A local medicine man (quack), performs a healing ceremony with snake.]

[Recording a buddhist chant. Delhi, India
photo: Alyce Henson]

[Public busses at gas station. Middle of nowhere, Bihar.]

[Monastery in Kushinigar]

[common place set up in rural settings]

[you've haven't heard traffic until you've been here. these busses are deafening.]

[Lucknow, India]

[The border of India and Nepal. We woke this guy up.]